Information on relationships and marriage counseling

Communication Problems

Couple with Communication Problems

Effective communication is important in a marriage. In order to make plans, solve problems, address issues, and function well as a couple you have to communicate. Most couples have less than perfect communication and everybody could probably be better at communicating. Couples argue about many things such as parenting, sex, togetherness, and extended family. The most common area of disagreement …

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Money, Marriage, and Conflict

Married couple working on money and finances together

Recent studies have shown that arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce, even more than sex, …

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What is Love?

Couple in love

People have wondered about love for thousands of years. The question “what is love” pops up as the most popular …

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Three Steps To A Better Sex Life

Sex and Marriage

Sex is an essential aspect of marriage. When your sexual relationship is going well, sex involves shared pleasure that bonds …

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Six Signs that You Need Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Unfortunately most couples wait years before beginning counseling and your marriage might be in really bad shape by now. But …

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Why Is Marriage So Hard?

Couple in the sunlight

Most people see marriage as something desirable. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a best friend, lover, and someone …

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Should You Get a Divorce?

Couple Arguing 849

People get married to be happy and stay together, not to be miserable and split up. But you are not …

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Why Marriage Counseling?

Couple arguing

People take different approaches to improving their marriage. Some couples ignore their relationship problems altogether. Other couples try to address …

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Relationship Problems

Couple arguing

Although every couple is different and has their own unique strengths and challenges, I see certain problems more frequently. Some …

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Woman cheating

Infidelity causes pain and turmoil in a marriage. The intense emotional impact of the betrayal creates significant problems for most …

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