I am available for speaking engagements and media interviews

I am a guest speaker for TV & radio programs, conferences, and events. Topics include marriage, relationships, money, sex, communication, parenting, and work/life balance. I am also available for interviews by the media.

These four videos are part of an episode of “On Our Minds”, a Psychotherapy Vlog and Podcast, by Jennifer Bilbrey, LPC.

In this first clip I talk about role of emotions and the importance of learning to talk about emotions in intimate relationships.

In this next clip I talk about group therapy, how group therapy can be helpful to people, how group works, and how group can function as an adjunct to other forms of therapy.

In the following clip I talk about marriage counseling, how it can be helpful, and how I work with couples.

In this final clip I talk about narcissism, how I think about narcissism, and how I work with narcissism in my practice.